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Comments (11)

sorry, geez.

where are you uploading the pics. ill probsbly show up next year

awesome indeed

Hey, it's me Tom. Sucked I had to go so early + I missed coach anyway. Good to meet you though :3

Yeah you too man... pity about having to leave eh...But the night wound down after that, you got the best of the trip.

Dude we needed some potato waffles.
It was great meeting you, we had a long chat, It was funny and awesome at the same time. :D

Oh good...I had this terrible feeling that I had made a complete dick of myself...good to know that :D

hooray thanks for recognition :)

*sees pic*

I think Brittany (DJBrixX) and me played on htat very table :D

but it might have been the one next to it.

(it's in Trocadero, isn't it?)

Namco arcade Mate...

i said, i fucking said, TROCADERO>NAMCO But apparently Namco is 'more accessible' or some shit...bleeh

Well I have to admit, I didn't read it all, I just saw that picture and thought I recognized it...
ah well, I had a great time in London/England too :)

That looks like fun

Well next time I hope you bring your ID.. I seriously expect you in Jan... well not seriously but it would be nice.. it normally takes a couple of these for me to get around to really mingling with everyone..

I know that sounds lame and diva-ish but its just toughhhh

Anyway I hope the last part of it didnt damper your spirits of the group. I felt kinda bad, i was in there and then someone came to me and said i think we lost someone and i went out there and you were gone :(

Ah well that makes me feel better <3

Anyway yeah, I hope to come In Jan...A levels might be a problem though...anyway, thanks for organising it luis!

Bring your A Levels... we can have it be a London NG Study Group Meet

haha...Awesome, I can have my art done by a bunch of professional flash animators.

Plagiarism FTW

I'm sorry.