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All my best threads r blong 2 u.

Posted by mranarchy - May 23rd, 2008

So in a kind of pathetic, attention whoring way, I'm going to try and find all the largely successful threads I've made over the years, I will be updating this regularly because There is no way I'm going to look for all of them in one sitting.

Feel free to bump the unlocked ones, some of these could do with a second lease of life.

Post your nationality Actually this one is nothing special, I'm just using it as an example of the dozens of shitty threads I made that could be easily answered and thus stacked up around 4-8 pages of one word comments.

NG grand prix Art forum collab that eventually spawned a sub-par flash that was recently deleted. Be sure to post your submission in the 2008 one.

I swallowed something white and gloopy story thread that only reached two pages despite the overwhelming amount of positive comment, I demand you Bump this >:(

I desecrated a famous artwork Art statement I made in the tate modern, got some amazing feedback from many users including Mindchamber who said "never have I felt such an overwhelming sense of respect in one post till now
I couldnt agree with you more. and I love what you did here," That made me feel special :3

What NG users dislike you? At the height of my reign of flaming/spamming I had a lot of enemies, I decided to compile them all into one thread which then reached 12 pages.

Must have Under 1000 posts to be rated. A parody thread of This . I think I thought that I was 'standing up for the little guy ' I was quite happy with it and was disappointed when it got locked. I even asked Wade if I cold get it unlocked eventually getting this answer "I thought my response sounded more like a no. The rating topics are stupid and have lead to problems in the past"...I lost faith in WadeFulp that day :'(

What names do you remember on NG? easiest long-thread ever as its so easy to answer to...16 pages of complete pointlessness

How to get an easy +120 reply topic This didn't get many replies, but I feel it made a decent point about 'patriotism' on the BBS. Seriously, stop bitching about everyone else's country!

Tom=capitalist sellout A puny 4 pages, However,Tom posted in it :D and Bluehippo drew a little picture I thus deem it a triumph! On the thread itself-it was a quick observation on the ad on the front page, people seemed to think I was actually attacking Tom. Listen-I know that Newgrounds has to pay for a lot of bandwith so ads like that are inevitable, but that does'nt mean we cant tease Him about it :3

Make bad puns with Google Images. Again, nothing particularly special as a thread (although I'd like to think that its fairly original) But the fact that it reached 10 pages in just one day real impressed me. Full size not known yet as its been on page 1 of general for a good 24 hours now and shows no signs of dying yet.

On an unrelated note, I found an old .gif I made in pivot.

All my best threads r blong 2 u.

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You made more succesfull threads then I ever have..



I still want to know how you made that origami crane. I am jealous. Sorry this means nothing to what your original news post was asking... :b

fu buddy. y did u vote 0?

The flash sucked monkey balls
you are incapable of speaking english
you made a post telling people to vote high, implying it had already been blammed, this would have happened for a reason

you are a moron. You are everything that is wrong with NewGrounds, an attention whore, skilless, thinks anonymity lets you get away with anything, just an idiot in general, incredibly vain.

And you are apparently too stupid to type 'fuck you'.

that, is why I voted zero.

Oh "DId I mention I hate you". Such an overused word nowadays and it's way too harsh for such a situation.

Whatever, read my response I plan on deleting that news post.

They're my opionions, maybe you were right about me beig harsh, but they're mine regardless

KTHXBAI to you to... :)



i love what you did with the crack on the floor.
seriously i love you.

Cool blog you have there. I wanted to make the same one but im just too lazy to go and find all my good topics. Also, you made that in Pivot? Woah, that's amazing, if you want you could send me your pivots and I could turn them into a flash, then send you the file to submit, unless you have flash, which means you can do it yourself...

Congrats on the new level.


I want Wade's original picture from before the redesign.

u suxors hax hax leet swaf swaf swaf


You need to fix your banner.

Haha, yeah I noticed that, damn the staff and their need to whore out that sexy new store!

As it is, cant be bothered, I'll do it when I come across the updated version