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Fun...for a time

Well it's certainly satisfying and cool for the first 40 creations or so, after a while though it degrades into just a pointless click-fest of testing every combination. I'm not sure how you could improve it to make it slicker to use, maybe a number by each material telling you how many more potential combinations it could be used for? That way we couldn't spend ages fruitlessly tying to combine something that can't be combined with anything.


I can't get past the noob horde on level eight, still loads of fun though, really addictive, make more please!

Also I'd quite like a way to submit my highscore, apart from that great!

Great game! Now let me play more!

So what we have here is another 'impossible but amazingly designed' flash game (read: meatboy). The design, story and gameplay completely hit me with a wave of nostalgia for old pixel games, yet manages to remain original.
As much as I wanted to see more of it by the time I got to half-way through the ghost ship (which looked awesome by the way) I was too frustrated by the immediate difficulty and irritatingly unresponsive controls to go any further. I'm utterly intrigued as to the rest of the game but I can't put myself through the torture of playing one level a few dozen times to see it.

I suspect I'm the wrong demographic for this game, I occasionally play a casual game on the internet but I lack the patience, attention span and gaming ability to put the effort in to truly appreciate this. Presumably this is for the true 'gamers' among us who will teach themselves to be truly brilliant at something like this to get the pure satisfaction of seeing it through to the end. If that is the case then well done, you have the perfect game. If not, and you're making games to entertain the masses of easily-distracted idiots like me on the internet then I suggest you make a game with a larger learning curve (If not just easier) and more responsive controls.

Of course the other possible explanation for my complaint is that in developing the game you became experts at playing it and what felt 'hard' to a first time user felt amazingly easy to you. It seems a bit professionally made to have a slip-up like that though.

Anyway a brilliant game, but I'm off to do something mind-numbingly easy and satisfying (what), laters!

Just the right length and completely enjoyable.

I loved the Orpheus and Euridice imagery, I'd never had thought to try and implement it into a game. The simple pixel art was used as well as I could have thought, it felt genuinely atmospheric.

You just dont get it.

This was a 'tutorial' on how to trace an existing image, nothing more. There are enough idiots with no drawing skill doing this without your encouragement thanks.

Brilliantly eerie.

I kept thinking that this was going to be a screamer, the rare, monotone sounds combined with the simple drawing where subtly terrifying. I loved the message and how you slowly discovered what was going on around you, the flat-cut out 'outside' was particularly effective.

My only criticism is how easy it was to complete the main game, sure there were extra barcodes to discover but I think that more ingenuity could have been asked of the player, maybe a system to combine objects?

Why are photos of me always so horrible? :'(

Anyway that was great, nice job on everything, this needed to be done.
Lol At luis in the tank barrel, nice touch, I'm impressed at the separate colours for different user types as well.
There's four peeps at the back you missed out though

And the hobo deserved waaay more recognition that that puny slideshow >:(

heh fun....

Nice and original game...well at least I've never seen something like this, there could have been more animation, like maybe to rotate the bricks or something huh?

Pretty good overall though, I liked the art.

kaolinfire responds:

Yeah, I wanted to do a pretty animation on the blocks--I have a feeling that might have taken me as long as the rest of the game to pull off, plus I was worried that any time spent waiting for the animation to finish rotating would get in the way of actually doing the next rotation.

But something to keep in mind. Thanks! :)

Yep fun and funny

Damn I miss waiting for the layout, waiting for the chat is far less climatic so to speak.

A truly epic experience.

For I know have had a tiny glimpse into what being ELP must be like, and it was amazing.

How does a pirate get his mast up? With a wench!

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